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Lunedì, 23 Lug 2018
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Rulli in poliestere e in lana merino

Apply hot or cold every perfluorinated wax FP4(powder, spray or solid) or liquid paraffins as reccomended in the waxing manual Maplus Ski Wax, available on www.maplus.it. Instead of roto-cork and traditional horsehair and nylon brushes use new rollers of polyester and merino wool as follows:

1. Roll the base surface with the roto-polyester in both directions at a speed between 1000 and 1500 rpm according to the pressure applied. Repeat several times until the complete saturation of the base surface.
Wait at least 10 minutes for cooling of the base surface and for the ski wax to harden.
2. Free the base structure with the 5 mm. roto-wool.
3. Polish the base structure with the 10 mm. roto-wool.

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